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Regina Dean hosting Ohio Street block party on Saturday

Regina Dean has called Greencastle home for years. She has seen the strength of the community, banding together for one another, but she also seen the strain the last year has had on the community she holds dear.


For years, Regina wanted to do something special for the Greencastle community.


“This has been in my heart. I love my community. Greencastle is my home,” Regina said.  


After witnessing the effects of quarantine, she decided now was the time to do what she can to give back some of the joy and remind the community that everyone is in this together.


“No matter what we are going through, we are still loved.”


Saturday, August 14, from noon to 10:00 pm, you can enjoy the first, of hopefully many, block parties on Ohio Street. Smitty’s BBQ is providing pulled pork, hot dogs, brats, burgers, chips, desserts, and more for a small fee, with the proceeds going toward a block party for next year.


When you are not enjoying the tasty treats, you can participate in the games, like corn hole, play on the playground, go swimming, enjoy card games, or even enter the dance contest for a chance to win a T-shirt.





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