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2022 Harris Hall Open Class Ag & Horticulture exhibits

For 2022, there were 1018 entries in Harris Hall.  This included 143 exhibits by Lil’ Sprouts (youth ages 4 through 2nd grade). 


Agriculture Awards

Grand Champion Eggs - Becky Samsel 

Res. Grand Champion Eggs - Maggie Hodge

Grand Champion Hay - Riah Perkins

Res. Grand Champion Hay - Riah Perkins

Grand Champion Honey - Tavia Pigg

Res. Grand Champion Honey - Terri Maher

Grand Champion Maple Product - Jeff Brown

Champion Largest Sunflower Head - Bud Carpenter

Res. Champion Largest Sunflower Head - Mikinley Cantonwine

Champion Soybeans with Most Pods - Curt Richardson 

Champion Tallest Corn - Carter Ames

Champion Tallest Sunflower - Tracy Trivett

Res. Champion Tallest Sunflower - Bud Carpenter

Champion Largest Leaf Blade - Jane Jackson

Res. Champion Largest Leaf Blade - Ryan Nees

Champion Largest Egg - Les Brown 

Res. Champion Largest Egg - McKinley Cantonwine


Artistic Arrangement Awards

Grand Champion Overall Arrangement - Willia Williamson

Res. Grand Champion Overall Arrangement - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Eventful - Vickie Whicker 

Res. Champion Eventful - Lawrence Williamson 

Champion Hiways and Byways - Liz Davies

Res. Champion Hiways and Byways - Willia Williamson

Champion In Good Taste - Kristie Spear

Res. Champion In Good Taste - Willia Williamson

Champion Small Fry - Kristie Spear

Res. Champion Small Fry - Cynthia Brown 

Champion Sunrise - Sunset - Willia Williamson

Res. Champion Sunrise - Sunset - Margaret Kenton

Overall Artistic By Points - Willia Williamson

All Roads Lead to the Fair Exhibit Winner - Liz Davies

In The Beginning (Rookie Award) - Kristie Spear


Container Gardening Awards

Grand Champion Overall Container Garden - Parker Haddon

Res. Grand Champion Overall Container Garden - Maggie Hodge

Champion Hanging - Indoor Container - Pat Johnson

Champion Hanging - Outdoor Container - Kim Dickerson 

Res. Champion Hanging - Outdoor Container - Becky Samsel 

Champion Container - Indoor - Vickie Whicker 

Res. Champion Container - Indoor - Sue Matson 

Champion Container - Outdoor - Parker Haddon

Res. Champion Container - Outdoor - Hudson Schopmeyer

Champion Cactus or Succulent - Maggie Hodge

Res. Champion Cactus or Succulent - Jeanne Sibbitt 

Champion Other Garden - Jason Keeney

Res. Champion Other Garden - Claire Winings


Cut Flower Awards

Grand Champion Overall Cut Flower - Melissa Brown 

Res. Grand Champion Overall Cut Flower - Kristie Spear

Overall Rookie Cut Flower Exhibitor (by points) - Kristie Spear

Champion Annual - Cyndi Blocher

Res. Champion Annual - Sharon Broadstreet

Champion Bachelor Button - Liz Davies

Res. Champion Bachelor Button - Jane Jackson

Champion Cosmos - Becky Samsel 

Res. Champion Cosmos - Lawrence Williamson 

Champion Dahlia - Kristie Spear

Res. Champion Dahlia - Becky Samsel 

Champion Daisy - Sue Baxter

Res. Champion Daisy - Cyndi Blocher

Champion Daylily - Willia Williamson

Res. Champion Daylily - Cyndi Blocher

Champion Echinacea - Cyndi Blocher

Res. Champion Echinacea - McKinley Cantonwine

Champion Fern - Melissa Brown 

Res. Champion Fern - Pat Johnson 

Champion Flowering Shrub - Michelle Sanders

Res. Champion Flowering Shrub - Carrie Little

Champion Gladiolus - Sue Baxter

Res. Champion Gladiolus - Willia Williamson

Champion Hosta - Willia Williamson

Res. Champion Hosta - Lisa Sims

Champion Lily - Willia Williamson

Res. Champion Lily              Lawrence Williamson 

Champion Marigold - John Romalia

Res. Champion Marigold - My Gilley

Champion Ornamental Grass - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Ornamental Grass - Jeanne Sibbitt 

Champion Perennial - Lawrence Williamson 

Res. Champion Perennial - Terri Maher

Champion Petunia - Michelle Sanders

Res. Champion Petunia - Parker Haddon

Champion Phlox - Shelbe Felling

Res. Champion Phlox - Martha Klock 

Champion Rookie Cut Flower - Kristie Spear

Res. Champion Rookie Cut Flower - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Rose - Melissa Brown 

Res. Champion Rose - Carrie Little

Champion Rudbeckia - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Rudbeckia           - Lawrence Williamson 

Champion Specialty - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Specialty - Cyndi Blocher

Champion Sunflower - Becky Samsel 

Res. Champion Sunflower - Willia Williamson

Champion Zinnia - Kristie Spear

Res. Champion Zinnia - Tavia Pigg


Garden Awards

Grand Champion Overall Garden - Bob Zaring 

Res. Grand Champion Overall Garden - Terri Maher 

Rookie Garden (by points) - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Beans - Greene Henry 

Res. Champion Beans - Beth Connell 

Champion Cabbage - Bud Carpenter

Res. Champion Cabbage - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Carrot - Bud Carpenter

Res. Champion Carrot - Anna Miller 

Champion Cucumbers - Bob Zaring 

Res. Champion Cucumbers - Bud Carpenter

Champion Eggplant - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Eggplant - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Onions - Gabor Dickerson 

Res. Champion Onions - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Peppers - John Romalia

Res. Champion Pepper - Bob Zaring 

Champion Potato - Terri Maher

Res. Champion Potato - Jeanne Sibbitt 

Champion Squash - Bob Zaring 

Res. Champion Squash - Bob Zaring 

Champion Tomato - Bob Zaring 

Res. Champion Tomato - Beth Connell 

Champion Rookie Garden Specimen - Maebrie Cantonwine

Res. Champion Rookie Garden Specimen - Terri Maher

Champion Cabbage, Largest by Weight - Bud Carpenter

Res. Champion Cabbage, Largest by Weight - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Potato, Largest by Weight - Maebrie Cantonwine

Res. Champion Potato, Largest by Weight - Dale Cantonwine

Champion Pumpkin, Largest by Weight - Alton Henry

Res. Champion Pumpkin, Largest by Weight - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Squash (Zucchini), Largest by Weight - Sue Stattner

Res. Champion Squash (Zucchini), Largest by Weight - Maggie Hodge

Champion Tomato, Largest by Weight - Bud Carpenter

Res. Champion Tomato, Largest by Weight - Maebrie Cantonwine

Champion Market Exhibit - Anna Miller 

Res. Champion Market Exhibit - Gabor Dickerson 


Herb Awards

Grand Champion Overall Herb - Pat Johnson 

Res. Grand Champion Overall Herb - Pat Johnson 

Rookie Herb (by points) - Cynthia Brown 

Champion Basil - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Basil - Cynthia Brown 

Champion Chives - Tavia Pigg

Res. Champion Chives - Pat Johnson 

Champion Dill Weed - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Dill Weed - Terri Maher

Champion Garlic - Angela Kiste

Res. Champion Garlic - Terri Maher

Champion Mint - Cynthia Brown 

Res. Champion Mint - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Parsley - Tavia Pigg

Res. Champion Parsley - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Savory - Audrey Birtchman 

Res. Champion Savory - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Thyme - Vickie Whicker 

Res. Champion Thyme - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Wormwood - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Wormwood - Vickie Whicker 

Champion Rookie Herb Specimen - Michelle Sanders

Res. Champion Rookie Herb Specimen - Terri Maher

Champion Unlisted Variety Herb - Pat Johnson 

Res. Champion Unlisted Variety Herb - Becky Samsel 

Champion Potted Herbs - Terri Maher 

Res. Champion Potted Herbs - Becky Samsel 


Overall Harris Hall Awards

Overall Harris Hall Exhibitor (by points) - Pat Johnson 

Overall Harris Hall Rookie Exhibitor (by points) - Maebrie Cantonwine

People's Choice Garden Art - Jane Jackson