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Duke Energy reminds residents that safe digging starts with 811

Aug. 11 is officially “811 Day,” and as residents continue summer yard projects, Duke Energy wants to remind everyone to call 811 before digging to prevent potential personal injury and avoid electric outages.


“Keeping our customers safe and protecting our underground utility infrastructure are top priorities,” said Stan Pinegar, president of Duke Energy Indiana. “Even simple digging jobs can cause serious injuries and disrupt vital utility services to communities, so it is important to call 811 to prevent unnecessary and potentially dangerous situations and outages in our communities.”


The national “811 Call Before You Dig” system was created so anyone who plans to dig can make a free call to have underground utility lines clearly marked. Contractors, homeowners, business owners and anyone preparing for a digging project should call 811 at least three business days before digging begins. The local utilities will then send a crew to mark underground lines in the area (electric, natural gas, water, sewer, phone, cable TV and others) with stakes, flags or paint.


From January to June 2022, Duke Energy reported nearly 260 cuts to its underground electric lines in Indiana.


“Our best defense is awareness and ongoing education to call 811 before you dig,” added Pinegar. “We are committed to sharing this message with our customers and communities to avoid these accidents.”


For a video that shows how to use 811, click here. For additional information about 811, visit Call 811 Before You Dig. To get in touch with the 811 center in your state, dial 811 or visit







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