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Putnam Co. researching insurance plans for county employees; rising costs

Insurance for Putnam County employees is a focus of the county government as decision time comes on provider and plans.


County Commissioner Rick Woodall addressed the Putnam County Council Tuesday night.  He noted some immediate changes with the next providers.



Woodall says Anthem’s initial offer of an over 10 percent increase in costs included the realization that the county’s claims had increased.



Woodall says thru further negotiations with Anthem they have backtracked the previous offer of over ten percent to just an approximate five percent increase.  He says they are awaiting final exact numbers from Anthem.


That five percent increase would mean an over $10, 000 increase in costs to the county per month.


Woodall said they believe it’s been ten years since county employees have had the amount they pay to the health insurance program increased.


Woodall says concern grows with the health insurance fund.  It stands now at just over a million dollars and recommendations indicate it shouldn’t go lower than the $700, 000 range.  Throw in that the clinic offered through the insurance is paid approximately $12, 000 per month from that fund and it’s a threat to be lowered into dangerous levels.



Woodall says they intend to offer incentives to county employees to visit the clinic for illness and ailments.  Every quarter drawing a name from those who have been to the clinic for a $100 gift card.  The intent to utilize the clinic more instead of illness visits that end up at, for example, an emergency room for an illness that worsened and could have been precented.


Woodall says a number of issues with county insurance will need to be answered in next two weeks with the new insurance scheduled to begin August 1.