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Putnam Co. Sheriff's office warns of scam

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has posted information saying that they are getting several reports of scammers calling and pretending to work for the Sheriff's Office. The scammers are demanding that people pay fines or they will go to jail on some bogus charges.


Supposedly a "Sgt. Johnson" with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office has called several individuals and demand that they pay a 500.00 dollar fine or they will go to jail immediately. This wannabe "Sgt." is demanding that the victim meet them somewhere and pay the fine. Likely the scammer will not be there, and will then call the victim back and have them purchase gift cards. He will then have the person send the numbers from the gift cards to him over the phone making the situation, nearly untraceable.


As always, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office  never call you up and threaten you with jail time unless you pay a fine. If you have a warrant, then they come looking for you.


If you get a call from someone demanding you pay a fine or else, just hang up. If you're still concerned about the possibility of being in trouble, call your local law enforcement and ask to speak with an officer.






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