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Greencastle Parks and Recreation implementing 5-year master plan

Greencastle Parks and Recreation have started a 5-year master plan to improve the city's recreational space and the access to those recreational spaces.


Having a master plan improves the number of funding opportunities Greencastle Parks and Recreation will have access to. It also allows for public input, ensuring the public has a say in what happens with the existing parks, whether new parks are added, what programs will be offered at each location, as well as a say in the accessibility to each location, such as the People Pathways connecting all Greencastle Park locations.


While there are three phases to this process, phase one could be argued as the most important as this phase is about gathering information and input from the community about what they want to see in their parks as well as whether more parks need to be added to Greencastle. One suggestion that has already been made is to turn the recently demolished old Jones school site into a park for an area of Greencastle that seems to be neglected as far as easy access to a park is concerned.


The Greencastle Parks and Recreation director, Greg Ruark, is asking the public to take a short survey of only 19 questions. You can do that by scanning the QR code at the bottom, or by clicking this link:   






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