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Shady Dale Chic Boutique looks to give shoppers a Small First option on Pink Friday

A love of all things fashion combined with a genuine desire to connect with fashion enthusiasts embracing their style with enthusiasm has spilled over into a business venture for Lauren Branneman, owner of Shady Dale Chic Boutique, 9 Market St., Cloverdale. 

"Our journey began by selling trendy, customized clothing online and at various events, and the response was incredible! We quickly outgrew our quaint little shed, so we decided to take it to the next level and opened our very own retail store. However, it was crucial for us to maintain the fun and authenticity that defined our brand. We wanted to stay true to our roots and community, which led us to choose Cloverdale as our home base, and we proudly named it 'Shady Dale' as a tribute to our beloved town," Branneman told The Putnam County Post. 

The business has been around for two years, according to Branneman. 

"Our adventure started online for the first year, and then we transitioned into our vibrant brick-and-mortar store for the second year. We've had an incredible journey, blending the best of both online and in-person style experiences. We can't wait to share our enthusiasm for fashion with everyone," Branneman said.

As a business owner, Branneman is "thrilled" to participate in Pink Friday tomorrow. The day is a spin on the annual Black Friday trend, reminding people to shop small first. 

"This annual event, happening every November, has a unique mission close to our hearts: #SUPPORTSMALLFIRST. It's all about putting the community first, even before the big Black Friday rush. We're truly excited to be a part of this vibrant celebration that values community over competition at its finest," she said. 

Branneman admits she loves the constant interaction with her customers she gets being a boutique owner. 

"They step into the store seeking inspiration, to enjoy a shopping day with friends, and to boost their confidence in stylish attire. Alternatively, they tune in to our live videos for valuable style tips right from the comfort of their own couch. When you inspire customers, it's not just about selling a product or service – it's about creating a memorable experience and crafting cherished memories," Branneman said. 





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