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Greencastle to implement street closure, parking plans for US 231 Construction

With road construction along US 231 on the horizon, Greencastle mayor Lynda Dunbar admits she and her city council are trying to be "proactive" when it comes to lessening the blow to businesses and residents. 

At a meeting with officials from INDOT Thursday night, Dunbar said she understands the impact the construction will have on local businesses. 

"We know the impact this will have on local businesses. We are trying to partner with Mainstreet and the Chamber on a new website to let people know Greencastle is open for business. It will have construction updates, where to park, restaurants and business information and a weekly update from the mayor. We are working hard to let people know Greencastle will remain open for business," Dunbar said. 

Dunbar noted the city council will look to pass second reading on an ordinance in April regarding temporary one way streets and the schedule of no parking zones during the construction. 

One-way street changes will come to three city streets as they will see traffic go two ways. They are as follows: Walnut Street from Vine Street to Locust Street; Poplar Street from Jackson Street to Locus Street; and Anderson Street from Bloomington Street to Arlington Street. 

No parking zones will be on the north side of Franklin Street from Indianapolis Road to Spring Street and on the south side of Poplar Street from Jackson Street to Locust Street. The restrictions do not apply to existing parking bays. 

Dunbar said the plans are "temporary changes" to help people move around city streets. 

In addition, she is optimistic people will be aware of the plans and still continue to navigate to downtown, which will remain open. 

Dunbar said it is "important" for the mayor to be seen on this, and she has taken it upon herself to get out there and make sure residents know businesses downtown will remain open, as well as making sure residents know about the upcoming construction and plans both the city and INDOT have. 

Dunbar said both herself and council member Stacie Langdon have met with industries on the east side of town to talk about how their trucks and visiting semi trucks can navigate through the construction. 

In addition, Dunbar said the construction "probably won't impact the fair," and that First Friday events will continue during the construction. 

"There won't be any city construction taking place during this either," Dunbar said. 

Dunbar also said that as a result of the construction, Jackson Street will get new decorative lights and that trees that were recently removed will be replaced. 

"I think you'll see real improvements in Greencastle. Even with construction taking place, we are going to make Greencastle look good and are really going to try to make things better," Dunbar said. 





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