Lois Mae Cantwell

On March 28, 2024, a beautiful sunny day

A wonderful lady whom we all found dear passed away.

Lois Mae Cantwell lived a long and full life of 96 years.

Even when we knew it was coming it didn’t stop any of the tears.

Lois was born in Hoopeston Illinois on May 3, 1927

The way she lived her life she is sure to go to heaven.

She was born into a farming family with the last name of LEE.

She was a unique lady to all, that was clear to see.

She met Bob Wilson who was from the very same state.

Wouldn’t you know 30 years of marriage was their fate.

They lived on a farm and raised cows, chickens, geese and pigs.

Installed a pool and went to Millgrove church each Sunday with their 2 wonderful kids.

Larry & Sandy grew up knowing life at its best.

It wasn’t that they were rich, their learning never took a rest.

Lois was a girl scout leader and worked at Lieber State Park.

Where if you wanted a job, she was certainly the spark.

She was extremely creative and was happy to bake.

For lots of occasions, especially for that very special wedding cake.

For whatever reason her life made a change.

To Dick Cantwell her vows did she exchange.

Not long after, they moved down south not very far.

And got very involved with the masonic/eastern star.

She was an organizer, provider and a matchmaker of some.

With 22 nieces and nephews her success was that of none.

So, on that bright beautiful March Day.

Mom went to heaven and goodbye we had to say.

Momma Lois was preceded in death by her mom Ruth, father Roy and 5 siblings.

Also preceding her in death was Larry & Sandy’s father Bob Wilson, husband Dick Cantwell, son Larry,

daughter-in-law Chrissy, friends Ruth, Dalene, Ruthie, Rosie, Leota, Pat, Wilma & Marvin and many more


Survivors include daughter Sandy & Geoff Gale, 4 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and Kaylie,

whom she loved and cared for Lois through her most difficult times.

Sandy’s mom’s graveside service will be Thursday at 1:00 pm at Mannan Cemetery with light meal afterwards at Millgrove Church. 

Address: Mannan is 12432-12446 West Lewisville Rd., Cloverdale, IN 46120

The church is Millgrove Methodist, 11151 Millgrove Rd., Quincy, IN 47456





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