Pair of Putnam County football coaches mixed on transfer portal idea for high school

While the IHSAA is poised to take a look at allowing a one-time transfer for student athletes after their freshman season, two Putnam County football coaches are mixed on the concept. 

Cloverdale football coach Tyler Lotz called the proposal "ridiculous."

"This is not college or the pros. You should play for the town you live in. This is yet another thing that we're allowing our kids to do that will not help them in the future. "Oh i'm not playing the position I want here or I should be starting, lets just transfer..." Ridiculous. We already have enough issues where kids live in one town and play for another, this will make it worse," Lotz told The Putnam County Post. 

While Lotz is against the idea, Greencastle second year football coach David Stephens said he "loves" the proposal. However, he admits he doesn't believe it stands a chance of being approved. 

"Players get stuck in bad situations all the time as a result of poor administrators decisions and they can’t leave unless they pull something shady to transfer. I think the one time transfer would allow players the freedom of choice that every other student enjoys currently. If you are a serious tuba player and want to transfer to a school with a great band program you can. If you want to go to a school with a top notch art program and leave your school with a poor art department you can. But, if you want to go to a school that has a better sports program all of a sudden you don’t have the same rights as the other students. So yeah I’m all for it. At Greencastle we have great facilities, our academics are second to none compared to other 2A schools. We love what we have to offer and think that we would be a great destination school for students who are serious about their academic and athletic careers," Stephens said. 







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