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Local News

John Gonazalez sentenced to 87.5 years for Lisa Atkisson murder

87.5 years. 


That’s the sentence handed down by Putnam County Judge Denny Bridges for John Gonzalez.  The 30-year old was found guilty in an August trial of the shooting and eventual beating death of Lisa Atkisson, 44, of Greencastle.


Gonzalez had been found guilty of the crime along with being a habitual offender for two other previous felony counts.  That enhancement added 20 years to the 65-year sentence for Atkisson’s killing.


Gonzalez filmed the murder with a cell phone which was used as evidence against him at trial.


He was arrested after the incident in Rock Island, Illinois where he had driven Atkisson’s Ford Escape.


Gonzalez told the judge he plans to appeal the sentence and conviction.


He’s still scheduled for a November 1 trial in Vigo County on a battery case from 2015.