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Local News

Cloverdale Christmas parade Dec 4; Town council agrees to have state debt collect

If not just yet, it will begin to look a lot more like Christimas in Cloverdale on the first Saturday of next month.  Cloverdale Main Street is holding its annual Christmas parade on December 4.


The event will be at 1:00 pm, with picture opportunities with Santa available at the Ice House immediately after. The Cloverdale Town Council agreed to look into parking concerns to make the Ice House more accessible to the elderly and disabled.


In other Cloverdale Town Council news, information was discussed of a free program, called TRECS, offered by the state of Indiana. The program authorizes the state to debt collect on the town's behalf by collecting the money from state tax refunds. The council has agreed to participate as they have approximately $90,000 not yet paid by residents.


Also, a  log has been donated to the Town of Cloverdale to replace the damaged foundation log on the back of the log cabin at the Cloverdale park. The town now looking for someone with knowledge on how to make the replacement. The council has also received a quote of $6,400 to repair the cabin's roof. The council agreed to pay this in hopes of getting it repaired before the heart of winter hits and damages the cabin further.