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South Putnam's Yowell named District 8 Principal-of-the-Year.

For Levi Yowell, the path to education was not the most traditional one, but that hasn’t stopped the South Putnam High School principal from constantly making an impact in the lives of his students.


After spending time in the business sector, Yowell made the transition to the classroom by going back to the University of Indianapolis to earn a master’s degree in teaching.


“I have a desire to serve that comes from my faith and felt like being in public education was a way that I could serve students and families. I thought about moving into administration was a long-term goal for me,” Yowell told the Putnam County Post.


After being laid off several times due to changes in school funding during the late 2000’s, Yowell acknowledged he looked for an opportunity earlier than anticipated.


And, it has been very positive, as he was not only named to the principal’s seat at South Putnam High School, but he was recently named the Indiana Association of School Principals District 8 Principal-of-the-Year.


The honor was a “surprise” for Yowell.


“I was really surprised to receive this recognition as we have so many outstanding administrators in District 8 and around the state of Indiana. I am surrounded by great people who come to school each and every day in order to serve the students and families of our school district. I enjoy getting to serve in public education and try to bring energy and passion every day to my role as principal at South Putnam,” Yowell said.


Yowell told the Putnam County Post that while there are many aspects of his job he enjoys, the thing that stands out above the others is the responsibility he has to create the best teaching and learning environments for his faculty and students.


“I will never get to make the deep impact that a classroom teacher can make, but I can create environments, procedures, and processes where kids are cared for and have the opportunity to learn from the best educators that I can find. I enjoy having so many different aspects of my job that it keeps me thinking, moving and planning. I am glad that I get to serve students and families through public education and happy to serve at South Putnam,” Yowell said.


For anyone thinking of entering the classroom as a teacher or educator, Yowell said public education is an “awesome” career choice for anyone who is positive, motivated and seeking to make a difference.


“My first belief about education is kids before content, and, so that has to be true for anyone thinking about a career in education. You have to like Suzie more than science and Matt more than math. That belief is what makes all the difference for me,” Yowell said.